Street Fair

Nothing says “festival” like the smell of turkey legs, waffle cones, and popcorn. Several vendors come from all over to provide festival-goers with all the gooey, greasy goodness that is festival food.

Along with the food vendors are several artists selling their art and often showcasing their skills. Everything from paintings to woodcarving to jewelry to sculptures can be found in booth after booth for you to take home and treasure.

From high quality commercial vendors to master crafted artisan work, we’ve got a lot to offer! Our Artisans have earned the title “Art on the River”!

Fireworks Display

The Saturday night fireworks display is a family and festival-goer favorite. Standing on the boardwalk overlooking the Cape Fear River and the Cape Fear Bridge, you will be amazed at the spectacular light show!

So make sure to corral all the kids and head on down to the waterfront for this free show!

Live Music

What’s better than listening to live music on the river? Oh, yeah… FREE live music on the river! Showcasing local musicians and bands, Riverfest makes it a point to provide all different styles of music. Dozens of bands will be performing everything from bluegrass to classic rock to jazz.  Come support our local artists.

Nothing goes better with live music and fresh air like a good cold beer! Riverfest provides a Beer Garden where you can mingle with your friends and sing along to the great music.


If you are classic or vintage car fan, step right up to Market Street. Dozens of cars and trucks will be on display along with their dedicated owners. Ask questions, get a picture taken with one, and imagine yourself driving down Route 66 in one of these beauties

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